Tulum, Mexico

Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are in the world!

Upon arrival into Tulum there was finally some sun!!! However our arrival was probably the most chaotic so far.
We had been recommended to stay in Big Moma’s Home in Tulum which sounded fun and we booked it online a few days before aririval. Turned up around 6 with our rucksacks and decided to walk from bus to hostel.
Big Mama had no clue we were coming and I’m pretty sure she didn’t know how to use the internet! She called us a taxi and bundled us off to another hostel that she owned…. Turned out to be horrendous!
Seeing as it was late and we were tired we just went with it. When we woke up to glorious sunshine the horrendous hostel seemed to get better. We got given breakfast (which obviously made me very happy!) and free bikes to go riding around. We shortly discovered Tulum was STUNNING!

What more could we ask for?






2 for 1 Capariñhas and books on the sand.


In the evening watched a local band and turned some street food… Delicious!


The next day we met some people from holland and went cave snorkelling in the Cenotés . The Cenoté was full of stalactites and stalagmites, which are the rock formation in the caves like long fingers poking up from the bottom and pointing down from the top.
This cave was crazy as it was very low and you had to swim with your hand on top of your head the whole time to make sure you didn’t bang the rock formations.
We dove in 3 different caves including one called bat cave… Pretty scary!

(Joe has filmed it all on his GoPro)

Back to the beach for a few cocktails and Joe played football with the locals.


Then watch the sun set with our new Dutch friends


Had a few drinks at the hostel with Marcell who we met in Isla Mujeres.



All packed up and onto Belize! Wish us Luck!


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