Overnight bus to Belize City did the job as it was a 9 hour journey. Left at 1am, hit the Mexican border at 4am and the Belize boarder at 4.30am. It was an experience to say the least! And they are certainly not short of guns in this part of the world.

Upon arrival into Belize City we got absolutely mobbed by taxi drivers, tour guides and salesmen. To the point I was using my handbag as a weapon!

Luckily we befriended a chap from Chile who is a Rastafarian and whilst walking with him we didn’t get harassed at all! Bonus!

Wondering through Belize City, it was nothing like I imagined.


There is a huge Caribbean influence on the country and a lot of American retirement homes. The contrast from house to house was unbelievable. There would be a huge mansion next to a shanty town.
There is also still a huge British influence as Belize only gained full independence in 1981! So there was no need for our spanish as everyone spoke English!

Anyway enough with the history and on with the planning…


As we sat in the dock and read up on where we wanted to go, Caye caulker kept popping up so on the boat we went.




As we arrived it was pretty glum but perfect when your loaded with bags and looking for accommodation.


Our new rasta friend took us across the island to this hostel… It was a little more up his street than ours!


But it was perfect for a few days, we had our own little hut complete with geckos!

We spent the first 2 days mooching around, eating and drinking.



And a spot of sunbathing and sunsetting









Even took a canoe out and watched the sunset. Joe, myself and our Dutch friend.

We took a boat out to the reef on the third day and went to 4 snorkelling spots.
First was shark and ray alley which was where there were sting rays up to 4 foot (scary as hell) and brown nurse sharks that were 5 foot long (petrifying!!!)
The second was where a 100 year old turtle lived and some more giant rays. The turtle was old and blind and bit one of the ladies on our tour!
Third was very shallow reef with alsorts of fish. Rainbow parrot fish, butterfly fish, puffa fish, damsel fish etc. We also saw a moray eel which was HUGE! And was hiding from 4 sharks.
Forth was a ship that sunk in the war and had fish living in the wreck.

Unfortunately no photos as we forgot both cameras….

Anyway, some more arty farty from Joe.




All in all, Belize was incredible and was a little taster to the Caribbean Coast. We learned a lot about Rastafarian culture from Rodary Rasta and then watched him get arrested for smoking pot.

On to the next!


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